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RAVE Foundation is on a mission to build 26 community play fields by 2026 – when the biggest tournament in the world’s game comes to North America. Each RAVE field is developed collaboratively with the communities that surround them, and are activated through year-round RAVE programs designed to foster wellness, inspire learning, and create joy.

RAVE Foundation and our community partners have already opened 9 fields in communities throughout our region, with seven more planned for 2022.

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Our 26 by 2026 partners are turning our vision into reality.

Thach Nguyen

Springboard to Wealth

RAVE Fields are Community Anchors

RAVE fields are more than just a soccer space. They are a community’s place to belong. RAVE Fields are intended for the communities they inhabit, and can never be rented by outside groups. RAVE fields can be used for soccer, and for any gatherings or events they inspire. At their core, RAVE fields are designed to invite free, unstructured play.

RAVE fields are small, informing small-sided soccer or pick-up play. Some feature a turf surface such as RAVE’s flagship field at Seattle’s Yesler Terrace Park, and many are hard surface courts or “mini pitches”– such as the field that opened in Renton’s Highlands Park in 2021.

TODAY: Nine RAVE fields have been built, are open for free play and serve as the anchor for RAVE and RAVE partner programs.

TARGET: 26 RAVE fields by the year 2026 throughout Washington State.

Programing for All Ages

RAVE Foundation partners with each community to bring fields to life through year-round programming focused on supporting the whole, healthy child – from Pre-Kindergarten through High School. Programming includes both physical activity and education opportunities.


  • First Kicks

K - 4th Grade

  • One Ball Program
  • Goals for Art
  • PE Curriculum

K - 8th Grade

  • Camps & Clinics

5th - 8th Grade

  • Science of Soccer
  • Sports Media Institute

High School

  • Pro Sports Career Events
  • Sounders FC Internships
  • Sounders FC Stat Rookie (in development)

TODAY: In 2021, over 5,000 youth participated in RAVE programs on and around nine RAVE community fields.

TARGET: By 2026, 100,000 youth will have engaged in RAVE programs on and around 26 RAVE community fields.


A child receiving his very own soccer ball.

New in 2022

In 2022, seven RAVE fields are scheduled to be completed:

NewHolly in Seattle (2 fields)

  • Special thanks to Thach Nguyen and Springboard to Wealth
  • Made possible through a partnership with Seattle Housing Authority

Larchmont Elementary in Tacoma

  • Special thanks to: Delta Air Lines, OL Reign, Washington Youth Soccer
  • Made possible through a partnership with Tacoma Public Schools

Barge-Lincoln Elementary in Yakima (2 fields)

  • Special thanks to: Orlegi Group, Seattle Sounders FC, and EarthGen
  • Made possible through a partnership with Yakima Public Schools

Lakeridge Playfield in Seattle

  • Special thanks to: Seattle United and Seattle Youth Soccer Association
  • Made possible through a partnership with the City of Seattle

The RAVE community field at Yesler Terrace Park in Seattle.

Coming in 2023

Chief Leschi Schools in Puyallup

  • Special thanks to The Puyallup Tribe of Indians

IMPACT FACT: RAVE’s 26 by 2026 vision is not possible without the generous support of partners – big and small. Join us today and be part of our impact. To learn more please email