RAVE Programs

RAVE programs bring RAVE fields to life. They were designed by listening to community input and asking the question, How Can Soccer Help? RAVE programs use soccer as a vehicle to support learning, wellness and joy – and are provided on and around RAVE fields year-round.

RAVE programs support whole, healthy children of all ages, from preschool to high school, and serve youth in marginalized or under-resourced communities.

Children with soccer balls
Children with soccer balls

First Kicks

A WA State Learning Standards aligned physical literacy program for 3-5 year-olds that gives parents and educators the tools to help young learners move their bodies while developing their cognitive skills - using a soccer ball.

First Kicks is presented by CrossCountry Mortgage

Johnson Team Cross Country Mortage

Special thanks to program partners Puyallup Tribe of Indians and Valley View Early Learning Center

Emerald Queen Casino
Emerald Queen Casino | Valley View Early Learning

Goals for Art

An arts program inspired by soccer, Goals for Art fosters social-emotional wellness and belonging while affirming children as stakeholders in their communities. In this program, children create art that is ultimately used on and around their own RAVE community field.

Children drawing
Kids in front of a goal

Camps & Clinics

RAVE soccer camps and clinics offer free, high-quality soccer training in a positive environment. Camps and clinics are hosted on both RAVE Fields and nearby schools, parks and community centers. Uniquely qualified coach/mentors model inclusivity, teamwork and positive reinforcement so all participants feel supported while learning new soccer skills and having fun.

Presenting Sponsor of RAVE Foundation Soccer Camps:

University of Washington

RAVE Camps and Clinics program partner:

Cultures United FC

One Ball Program

The program aims to give 100,000 soccer balls to kids who need them by 2026. Balls are distributed at RAVE field openings, RAVE programs, school assemblies, and other key community gatherings.

One Mile = One Ball

For every mile run by the team during the regular season, Delta Air Lines will donate one ball to a child through RAVE Foundation.

TODAY: Through the One Ball program 40,0000 kids in nine communities throughout our region now have their very own soccer ball to play with on their nearby RAVE field.

TARGET: 100,000 balls to youth by the year 2026. Every child living within a walkable mile of a RAVE field will have their own ball to play with.

One ball program
Girl with soccer ball

PE Curriculum

Developed as a resource for Elementary Physical Education teachers, this curriculum meets WA State Learning Standards for physical education and uses soccer and other sports to teach agility, and basic soccer skills like passing, throwing and kicking.

Science of Soccer

This program uses soccer to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts through a series of in-classroom and hands on learning experiences. It comes complete with a full kit of equipment for each classroom or after school program trained on the curriculum. Science of Soccer is WA State Learning Standards aligned.

Runners with parachutes
Kids learning sports media

Sports Media Institute

A summer internship style program that teaches sports writing and media skills alongside Sounders FC communications staff and local media experts. The Sports Media Institute gives middle school students the opportunity to gain critical life and classroom skills. This program is available by application only. Learn more here.

Pro Sports Career Events

Through this program, High School students have the opportunity to envision a future career in athletics by learning about the wide range of sports-related job opportunities from people in the field who started out just like them.

Pro Sports Career Event
Kids learning sports media

Sounders FC Job Shadow Programs

Job shadow opportunities in various Sounders FC departments give students the opportunity to learn and explore.

Engage with RAVE

Interested in participating in a RAVE program? Interested in sponsoring or volunteering?

Email rave@soundersfc.com to find out how you can engage with RAVE.