RAVE partners make the difference.

Our RAVE Fields, RAVE Camps and Clinics, the RAVE Octagon, and the RAVE One Ball Program are core to our mission. But our mission also includes supporting and collaborating with organizations, groups and programs that use soccer as a vehicle to address our guiding principles:

  • Leadership
  • Inclusion
  • Health
  • Empowerment

We teach these life lessons through the game of Soccer, and support other impactful programs that do the same. We are constantly asking, “how can soccer help?”



Soccer players cannot call a timeout but must learn to lead and be led within the game itself

Soccer as a sport requires the utmost commitment to your teammates. The leadership on the field to rally the team comes from amongst its members. Sometimes that leadership is by voice. Sometimes that leadership is by action. Sometimes a new player steps up. Soccer teaches all forms of leadership. Our Leadership Partners use soccer and shared experiences through soccer to build, mentor and inspire young leaders.



Soccer is a game for all, played by all

Soccer is the most democratic sport, played all over the world by every type of person from every type of background. Our Inclusion and Diversity Partners promote inclusion through the game of Soccer.



The physical demands of soccer require players who are physically, emotionally and mentally fit

Soccer players run, sprint, jump, turn, leap, slide, and kick. The best ones also cover over 10 miles in one 90-minute match. Soccer encourages physical activity and good nutrition. Our Health Partners work through Soccer to show the benefits of being physically fit and active, and provide kids the tools to develop healthy eating habits.



The best soccer players are students of the game and students in all aspects of their life

Soccer teaches teamwork, social skills, sportsmanship, creativity. It teaches the power of letting go of mistakes and the value of hard work. By acquiring these skills, kids feel a sense of pride, confidence and empowerment. Our partners in Empowerment help kids express themselves on and off the field, and ultimately help them become engaged citizens and agents of change in their communities.